Frequently Asked Questions

What’s included in our water heater packages?

  • All inclusive, no hidden cost
  • Tempering valve
  • Standard installation
  • Free delivery
  • Australian standards of installation
  • All work to comply with Australian standards
  • Includes GST

What is the best water heater for my situation?
No two houses have the same requirements and budget. We will recommend a suitable water heater for each situation and tailor make a package for you personally.

Are your energy bills too high?
We offer energy efficiency models including solar and gas…

Do you run out of hot water too quickly?
Your system might be faulty or just too small for your needs. It also might not be connected or configured properly. We also provide routine maintenance and servicing.

Can you fix a leaking hot water cylinder?
In most situations, a leaking cylinder is unrepairable however you can arrange an inspection.

Do we carry out repairs on faulty hot water systems?
Yes, we can repair or replace as required.

Can we do Emergency repairs
Generally, we can replace tanks on the same day.

Do we carry out routine maintenance on hot water systems
Yes we offer this as a service

Do we provide finance?
Yes we offer interest-free finance solutions TAP

Do you fix hot water systems?
Yes we fix all types of gas, electric and solar including most brands

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