Is solar hot water right for you?

Is A Solar Hot Water Heater Right For You?

As the prices of electricity and fuel continue to rise, so will your energy costs if you continue to use conventional hot water systems.

Let’s face it. Nothing beats a steaming bath or hot shower especially after a hard day at work. In addition, conventional hot water systems have been found to be among the largest generators of greenhouse gas emissions. This is attributed to their thirst for energy which ends up increasing your energy bill.

The good news is that solar hot water systems are different. Installing one in your home or commercial premises building will reduce your water heating energy bill by well over 50%. Apart from that, you will get to enjoy reliable hot water service all day long, lower greenhouse gas emissions and increase the value of your home.

Want to know more about solar hot water solutions?

Here are three types of solar hot water systems that will surely change your lifestyle.

Types of solar hot water solutions

  1. Solar hybrid heat pumps
    As the most economical solar hot water solution for home owners, it is very easy to install and maintain. They occupy no space on the roof plus its energy efficient which lowers your running costs. In addition, the solar hybrid heat pump delivers more hot water to your bathroom and kitchen.
    These can be used in all climates.
  2. Split system
    Also referred to as the split system solar, it is well suited for homes with medium loads. For areas of medium to high solar gains, the split system solar is designed with low iron glass to maximise heat absorption. Those designed for cooler climates are also fitted with anti frost options to prevent the panels from freezing and breaking. The good news about the split system solar is that it has the ability of reducing heating energy use for home owners significantly.
  3. Roof mounted solar heater
    Composed of a rooftop collector and storage tank, the roof mounted solar tank water heater has been around for a long time. As one of the simplest and most effective water heating solution, it is able to heat water for commercial, residential and industrial buildings around the world. The good news is that it rarely breaks down.

Is A Solar Water Heater Right For You?

The direct answer would be yes but you need to ask yourself this – do you want to reduce your energy bill? Are you looking for a solution that will uplift your green image? If your answer is yes to both questions, then solar hot water solutions are the best choice for you.

They are praised for providing clean and renewable hot water in your home in an efficient way. This cuts down on overall costs of heating water compared to using conventional methods like electricity or gas.

Solar hot water systems can be connected in place of your existing hot water tank. As you already know, heating water at home accounts for more than half of the energy used. Consulting a contractor and having a solar hot water solution installed will cut your energy bill by more than half.

Apart from cutting down on your energy cost, a vast majority of solar hot water equipment requires minimal or no maintenance such as the roof mounted solar hot water system. This makes them suitable for commercial, industrial, institutional buildings and large family homes.

If you already have PV solar on your roof, heat pumps can be configured to supply your home with hot water for free, all year round. This means your average savings will be significant.

Pros of a heat pump

  • Enables simultaneous multiple uses of hot water
  • Have lower operating costs
  • More than 400% efficient than gas or electric water heaters
  • Can be used in any climate since sunlight is free
  • Lower installation costs

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